Custom-Made Wooden Staircases in Reading, Berkshire

At Woods and Langton, our master craftsmen design and build premium quality wooden staircases in Reading. As a leading staircase manufacturer in Berkshire, we rely on years of experience allied to modern woodworking technology to build custom, durable staircases that add value to your home.

Well-designed timber staircases improve the aesthetic appeal of your property and create a stunning first impression for visitors. With attention to detail to every aspect – from balustrades and newel posts to spindles – we can build a unique wooden staircase that’s beautiful, practical and affordable.

Bespoke Wooden Stairs

Straight Stairs – Straight wooden staircases are a wonderful choice when you seek the traditional look. You can choose from a wide range of hardwood options to build your custom staircase. We use nothing but the best quality materials to build stunning stairs that stand the test of time.

L-Shaped Stairs – An L-shaped stair is a straight stair with a bend in some part of the stair. This bend is achieved by placing a landing at the transition point of the bend. The bend is usually 90 degrees, but that’s not mandatory.

U-Shaped Stairs – Also known as switchback or half turn stairs, U-shaped stairs feature two parallel flights of straight staircases that are joined by a landing requiring a 180-degree turn (a U-turn) in the walkline.

Winder Box Stairs – A variation of L-shaped stairs, winder box stairs are an excellent choice when you want to save space. At the same time, they add an unmatched visual aesthetic to your home. In place of a flat landing, winder stairs feature pie-shaped steps at the transition.

Spiral Stairs – These are space-saving stairs that feature a compact design with treads that radiate around a centre pole. When you need a wooden staircase in a small area, this is the perfect design to opt for.

Wooden Staircase Manufacturer in Reading, Berkshire
Premium Bespoke Staircases in Reading, Berkshire

Timber Options for Your Bespoke Staircases

At Woods and Langton, we offer an array of wood options for you to choose from. Here are some of the best species of wood to consider for your staircase project:

Oak – A popular species for wooden stairs, Oak offers a premium look. Choose from Red Oak or White Oak to suit your taste. No matter what you choose, you are assured of a stunning staircase that stands out.

Ash – Ash is similar to oak but has prominent closed grain pattern. Ash is far more affordable compared to Oak but is more of a challenge to work with so you will pay more on production.

Walnut – Dark in appearance, walnut is another excellent option to build your wooden staircase.

Sapele – Sapele is a dark wood with shades of red. It looks similar to Mahogony and is generally used when a darker coloured timber is necessary.

Pine – Pine is a very common choice for staircases. We offer joinery-grade Scandinavian redwood. It is an inexpensive wood, easy to work with and perfect for painting. It can even be varnished, stained or waxed.

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Wooden Staircase Manufacturer in Reading, Berkshire

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