Made-to-Measure Radiator Covers in Reading, Berkshire

Radiators are a staple heating solution for most homes and a radiator cover offers an aesthetically pleasing option to cover your radiator. Woods and Langton specialise in building custom radiator covers for your home in Reading, Berkshire.

Whether you want a classic or modern design, we build bespoke wooden radiator covers to match your existing furniture. From size and design to colour and finish, we customise every aspect of your radiator cabinet to offer a seamless fit and finish.

A radiator cover offers an excellent option to create extra storage space. Whether you want to add a shelf on your radiator cover or use it as a complete shelving unit, we can bring your ideas and designs to life.

Why Choose Custom Radiator Covers?

You will easily find radiator cabinets and covers in standard sizes in local shops. However, the finish will never be on par with the superior quality you can expect from a bespoke wooden radiator cover. Our radiator covers are made to measure to suit the space it will be installed in.

Here are some of the popular reasons why our customers choose custom wooden radiator covers:

  • Installation can be a challenge – A radiator cover should be extremely functional while giving due consideration to the plumbing and electrics. We specialise in building plumber-friendly radiator covers. Your custom cover will provide clear access to the plumbing and electrics so your plumber can easily provide repairs and maintenance without removing the cover. This way, we help you avoid such expensive situations.
  • Built for you – Standard radiator covers are available in standard sizes. However, our custom radiator covers are built to your specifications. If your radiator is large or of an odd size, our custom solution can come to the rescue. You can be sure our covers will perfectly fit your radiator.
  • Premium look and finish – With years of experience designing radiator covers, we know what it takes to build a truly luxurious radiator cover that will stand the test of time. We pay attention to every little detail. We even match the colour and finish of your bespoke cover to your room or liking.
  • Additional shelving – A standard cover might not offer any shelving option. Even if it does, it might not suit your shelving needs. When you want to make the most of your radiator cabinet, a custom solution is the best fit. After all, it’s built with your needs in mind.
Custom Wooden Radiator Covers in Reading, Berkshire

Radiator Cover Specialists in Berkshire

At Woods and Langton, we specialise in custom joinery. Our workshop in Reading is built for custom joinery furniture at affordable prices. Our prices are fair considering that you are getting bespoke furniture.

The finish is excellent, delivered to a high standard. You can choose to adjust the design to suit your taste and need, as required.

With our radiator cover cabinets, you get a piece of furniture that’s timeless in style and completely functional and practical at the same time.

Why Choose Woods and Langton for Your Custom Radiator Covers?

  • A design to suit your requirements. We ensure your radiator cover complements your home and looks just the way you desired.
  • Any size. Customise the dimensions of your cover to ensure it fits perfectly down to the very last millimetre.
  • Expert installation. Installing a radiator cover isn’t always easy. Leave this task to our experts who will install your radiator cover in no time.
  • Easy online quotes. Simply fill in our quote form to receive a quote. We use the information you provide to give you an estimate.

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Why settle for standard radiator covers when you can create a premium quality custom cover at affordable prices. When you are looking for custom radiator covers in Berkshire, think of Woods and Langton.

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