High-Quality Solid Wood Worktops in Reading

A solid wood worktop is one of the most popular options for your kitchen. Solid wood worktops boast a timeless appeal, are durable and will instantly add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. At Woods and Langton, we are manufacturers of bespoke wooden worktops in Reading, Berkshire. 

Wooden worktops not only offer longevity and durability but also elegance and class. No matter the look you’re trying to achieve – classic or contemporary – our skilled team of joiners can bring your ideas to life.

Bespoke Solid Wood Kitchen Worktops Berkshire

There’s nothing like the natural appeal of a hardwood kitchen workspace. A customised kitchen worktop can offer a great surface that’s stylish, durable and matures gracefully with age. 

We have worked with numerous home owners in Berkshire to build some truly unique and stylish worktops for their kitchens. Manufactured in our Reading workshop, we combine cutting edge technology and traditional skills, we can craft your kitchen countertop in any design or configuration of your choosing. With our bespoke service, we assure you of an accurate fit and stunning finish. 

Our solid wood kitchen worktops add a distinctive character and warmth to your kitchen and have proven to stand the test of time. With their inherent appeal and a natural rustic beauty, our hardwood kitchen worktops will last you a lifetime with regular maintenance. 

What’s more, they are an eco-friendly option and will effortlessly complement your superb kitchen interior. 

Bespoke Wooden Worktops in Reading, Berkshire
Custom Wooden Kitchen Worktops in Reading, Berkshire

Why Choose Solid Wood Worktops?

There are lots of reasons why a solid wood worktop makes sense in a 21st century kitchen:

Natural Elegance – We use nothing but the best quality timber that are responsibly sourced. We match every stave to produce an aesthetically pleasing, natural worktop.

Wooden worktops are made of high quality, durable timbers, which makes them the ideal candidate for daily wear and tear, pressure and weight that’s common in a busy kitchen.

Unique – No two wooden benchtops are the same. Your worktop will be crafted from several such pieces to provide a unique appeal. 

Handpicked – Each stave of wood is handpicked for quality and colour to make up your wood worktop. 

Antibacterial – Wood boasts excellent antibacterial properties. The surface is hygienic and with simple maintenance, it will continue to fight bacteria for years to come.

Ageless Appeal – Wood countertops have been in use since time immemorial and they go with any kitchen design or decor.

Long Lasting – Hardwood is an extremely durable and strong material. When maintained properly, your solid wood worktop will last for generations.

Repairable – If your timber worktop is scratched, it can be sanded back to a smooth finish. However, you will be delighted to note that small scratches add to the appeal and charisma of solid wood and enhance your worktop with time.

Widest Range of Solid Wood Worktops Berkshire

When you want to add a natural finish to your kitchen, look no further than the rustic appeal of hardwood kitchen worktops. The natural grains and hues in solid wood create an unmatched natural appeal. 

With our stunning range of woods and finishes, you can spice up your kitchen space in no time as we work on your project. 

Our solid wood worktops are meticulously crafted from the finest quality materials to offer the best possible durability and stability. We source high-grade, sustainably sourced wood from selected timber mills. Our wooden worktops are available in a massive range of options ranging from ash, to rustic beech. 

The range of colours, from the light colour of beech to the deep hues of walnut give you free creative reign! We offer you the flexibility to choose the colour and look you desire. Whether you are looking for a cherry wood worktop, or an iroko solid wood worktop, we can deliver. 

Each wood species has its own charm and appeal and will add its own unique touch of style and class to any kitchen area. 

Ash Worktops – Ash features an open grain texture that’s similar to red oak but with really pale grey and honey tones. Its straight grains make it a strong, long-lasting material. An ash kitchen worktop goes well with cabinet doors of a strong shade. 

Oak – Solid oak work surfaces boast a beautiful grain and colour variation. The grain on each worktop is unique, which means that every surface we build is one of its kind and boasts a great character.

Walnut – Walnut kitchen workstations are delicate yet robust, combining rich colour tones with a subtly curved grain for a natural and distinctive finish. When you want to make a stylish addition to your kitchen workspace, look no further than a walnut worktop.

Maple – Maple wood is an extremely hardwearing wood with a light tone and a wavy, open grain. Traditionally, maple worktops were the first choice for butchers’ block. These days, they are a great choice for your kitchen worktop especially if the decor of your kitchen is dark to reflect light. 

Beech – Beech is an extremely popular worktop option, especially for commercial spaces at restaurant tables and bar tops. They are extremely hard wearing and their soft grains work well with all types of interior styles and kitchen designs.  

Cherry – Cherry worktops have a distinct grain and feature a beautiful red tone that will darken with time to add a warm, natural aesthetic to your kitchen. Cherry is a moderate yet solid hardwood and will last a lifetime without demanding a lot of maintenance. 

Wenge – Wenge adds a dramatic effect to your kitchen with its near-black tone that’s randomly broken up by dark brown grain. A lot denser than oak, wenge is an extremely hard-wearing worktop, making it the solid wood version of granite. 

Iroko Worktops – Iroko wood is also known as African Teak given its durability and hardwearing properties. This wood species is known to offer excellent resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Similar to teak, iroko features coarse texture and a fairly irregular grain. Iroko continues to darken with time, further enhancing its rustic appeal.  

Why Trust Woods and Langton?

Expert Joiners
We have been creating woodwork quality for over 48 years and have developed a flair for kitchen design that our customers suggest is unmatched in the industry. With years of experience, our joinery team assures you of the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. 

Bespoke Service
We can craft your timber worktop in any width, length and height you require. We can use any timber of your choice and colour-match our pieces to your living space and the surrounding furniture.

Professionally Installed
With many years of experience installing kitchen workspaces, our installers assure you of stellar results.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We take the time to understand your requirements before bringing your vision to reality. We are so confident of our process and workmanship that we offer a written guarantee on all our solid top worktops.