Beautiful Wood Moulding Profiles in Reading

Decorative mouldings act as the cherry on the cake while also transforming the overall aesthetic of your room. Woods and Langton specialise in manufacturing bespoke wood moulding profiles in Reading. Personalise your space and create a lasting impression with custom trims and profiles to match your home, personality and taste. 

Be it contemporary or traditional, grand or subtle, we can bring your ideas to life. We can even match the trim of heritage properties to preserve their legacy. Whether you want a dado rail, panel mould, barrel mould, cover mould, double astragal, broken ogee or a reed mould, Woods and Langton can design the perfect wood moulding profile for you.

Designed to complement each other or to be used in isolation, wood moulding profiles can be installed throughout your house to complete the look. No matter where you use them – the lounge, hall, kitchen, dining room – the results will be nothing short of impressive. 

Benefits of Wood Mouldings For Berkshire Properties

Trim or moulding is one of the final additions to a building under construction. Its purpose is to cover the gaps between loosely fitting parts, for example between wall and window and between the floor and the wall. 

Moulding profiles can even protect your building from abrasions where people or furniture are likely to contact. Baseboards, for instance, protect walls from chairs, shoes or anything that moves at the floor level. Door casings protects the wall from objects and people that pass through the doorway. 

Installing trim can also add a distinct character to any room.

Wood Moulding Profiles in Reading, Berkshire
Bespoke Wooden Moulding Profiles in Berkshire

Choice of Wood Moulding Profiles in Berkshire

Choose from an array of wood moulding profiles in hardwood or softwood. Each type of wood moulding profile has a specific purpose. From scotia mouldings and quadrants to decorative mouldings and coving, we offer everything you need. We also offer bespoke milling to your specifications.

Decorative Wood Mouldings – Decorative mouldings add the perfect finishing touch and traditional look to any hallway or room in your home. You can choose from an array of decorative moulding designs including panel moulding, cover mould, double astragal, broken ogee, dado and reed mould.

Skirting Board and Architrave – These wood mouldings can effortlessly transform the look and feel of your room. At Woods and Langton, we offer a variety of designs including ogee, chamfered, reed, pencil round and torus.

Scotia – Scotia mouldings add the finishing touch to a wooden flooring project. They can even be used to cover up gaps or rough joins. The scotia range from Woods and Langton is available in an array of finishes and sizes including Red hardwood, pine, white primed, light hardwood and oak.

Timber Quadrant – Timber quadrants are commonly used as decorative moulds for added character and style to a room. They can even be used to cover up any gaps that may appear around wood or laminate flooring. We offer a variety of quadrant wood moulding profiles including pine, light hardwood, red hardwood and oak.

Covers and Coving – These mouldings are an excellent choice when you want to conceal the edges of MDF, chipboard or other sheet materials. They can also be used on worktops and shelves. At Woods and Langton, we offer various designs in an array of materials including hockey stick, half round, round with one edge, twice round and D-mould.

High-Quality Wood Mouldings in Reading

At Woods and Langton, we specialise in machined timber mouldings. We machine all types of hardwoods and softwoods to popular profiles. If you have a custom design in mind, we can even machine it to your specification. 

All our wood moulding profiles are machined at our Reading workshop by qualified and certified machinists. Our workshop is equipped with the latest, cutting-edge machinery to provide a fast service. 

We do not hold any mouldings in stock. Instead, we provide a custom service where your mouldings are made to order to suit your requirements and specifications. 

Ready to customise wood mouldings for your property in Berkshire? Contact Woods and Langton today for a free consultation and quote: