The Best Wooden Shopfronts and Fittings in Reading, Berkshire

Wooden shopfronts are a popular choice especially in conservation and listed areas where the councils do not allow any other type of shop frontage. 

Woods and Langton are the leading manufacturers of made-to-measure timber shopfronts in Berkshire. No matter what the nature of your retail business, our design service can help you create a frontage that will draw customers through the door. Our skilled joiners use their years' experience to build your new wooden shopfront. 

We work with an array of timber species including Sapele, Oak and Walnut to give life to your dream shopfront. We can even incorporate a wide range of mouldings and pillars if you are looking for a more traditional look.

Shop shelving and counters can be produced to create a traditional feel inside your premises or to give your shoppers a more contemporary experience.

Once installed, your wooden shopfront and shelving systems will set you apart while improving the kerb appeal of your shop. We are able to work from your own design or we can even come up with a custom design for you. 

Shop Fittings & Wooden Shelves Reading

In addition to wooden shopfronts, we also produce wooden shelves and storage racking reminiscent of old wooden shop fittings. Wooden shelves are an excellent choice. Whether you are renovating your office or considering a new shop fitting, wooden shelves will add a touch of elegance and class to your commercial space. 

High Quality Retail Shelving - Our skilled joiners build each shop front in our Reading workshop. Our skilled and experienced carpenters rely on hand-picked timber, proven techniques and the latest equipment to ensure your shop front is built to the highest standard. 

Creative and Reliable - We have worked with leading property developers, interior designers and architects to create a diverse range of wooden shop fronts that make an impact and stand out. We have a reputation for crafting high-quality products that meet your aesthetic needs. 

Wooden Shop Fittings in Reading, Berkshire
Bespoke Wooden Shop Fronts in Reading, Berkshire

Benefits of Bespoke Wooden Shopfronts in Berkshire

Every shop front is bespoke to our clients’ requirements, allowing you to create a truly distinctive, eye catching frontage for your business. We use our vast experience and in-depth knowledge to build a truly bespoke first impression for your Berkshire retail business. There are many benefits getting creative with wood:

  • The perfect way to establish yourself as a premium brand
  • Excellent choice for conservation areas
  • Bespoke shopfront customised to your specifications
  • One-off, distinctive design that no one else will have
  • Long-lasting, easily maintained
  • Catch the eye of your target customers 
  • Craftsmanship that will stand the test of time

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From the first contact through to the design, supply and installation of your shop front, we assure you of the highest level of customer service. Our experts are happy to answer your questions and note your special requests to deliver a truly bespoke shop fitting service. 

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