Custom Wood Entrance Gates, Reading

A garden gate is a great option when you need a light, airy access point while keeping your entrance private and secure. We offer a wide range of custom wood gates that are custom-built to suit your specifications and requirements. 

With 48 years of experience and a team of skilled joiners, we are a leading manufacturer of custom wood gates in Reading. We build a wide range of bespoke wooden gates to suit all entrances. 

When you are looking for complete privacy and security, look no further than our range of solid gates. When you want to let in some light, our woven or slatted designs are a great choice. You can even choose between an arched or a flat top garden gate. 

High Quality, Custom Wood Gates in Berkshire

All our bespoke gates are built using traditional, proven woodwork techniques, so that they always look in keeping with the properties we work on in Berkshire and beyond. Our frames are built using classic mortise and tenon-joints for excellent rigidity and strength. This ensures your hardwood gates will stand the test of time. Our contemporary designs include sliding gates, heavy duty driveway gates and sometimes even field gates!

You won’t find this level of excellence, workmanship and quality in mass-produced, off-the-shelf gates. That’s why we are the joiners of choice for customers looking to buy their dream wooden residential and commercial gates in Reading and surrounding areas.

Custom Wooden Garden Gates in Reading, Berkshire
Bespoke Wooden Garden Gates in Reading, Berkshire

Types of Timber Gates

Picket Garden Gates – Picket garden gates are beautiful gates that are a perfect match for a picket garden fence. When you want to allow air to pass through, picket gates are a fantastic choice. The rough sawn timber is treated to provide protection against rot and the elements.

Arch Top Garden Gates – Their simple yet effective design makes arch top garden gates a wonderful choice. This garden can be built to any height or width using the timber of your choice.

Flat Top Garden Gates – If you want a gate that looks beautiful while complementing your vegetable garden, look no further than the flat top garden gate. Built using high-quality timber that’s dip-treated, these custom wood gates will stand the test of time.

Solid Boarded Garden Gates – Our contemporary solid gates are an excellent choice for your rear garden. Use with brick work or complement a classic solid fence. These gates can be used in a natural finish, painted or stained to your liking.

Featherboard Garden Gates – Build using sawn timber boards, featherboard garden gates are a popular choice. Featuring a superior construction and high-quality finish, these gates can be customised to suit your specification.

Venetian Garden Gates – If you are after a more contemporary style, opt for woven or slatted Venetian gates. No matter which design you choose, we assure you of an impeccable product.

Why Choose Woods and Langton?

At Woods and Langton, we emphasise on quality at every step of the way. And that reflects in everything we do and every part of your custom wooden gate. 

All fixings, screws, nails or bolts are either stainless or galvanised steel. This ensures your garden gates are easy to maintain for years to come. Poorer quality metal elements can rust or worse yet, disintegrate. And that’s the last thing you want. 

We add horizontal and diagonal braces for additional stability and strength on the rear side of the garden gates. These create a solid support for the cladding or pales they’re affixed to. 

Our pales and boards are heavier and thicker compared to the standard fare available in the market. They are built from air-dried timber. Not only will they look good but stay stronger for years to come. 

Are you ready to build custom wood gates for your property in Reading? Contact Woods and Langton for a quote today: