Wooden Garden Bridges Reading, Berkshire

When you want to add a bespoke wooden garden bridge to you Reading property, contact Woods and Langton. We specialise in building wooden garden bridges to suit your Berkshire property.

A wooden garden bridge can add an elegant touch to your garden or outdoor space. If you have an artificial pond or a natural stream in your garden, a wooden garden bridge is a must-have addition. It will add functionality and style to your garden.

We can build bespoke wooden garden bridges in any design and size. Whether you are looking for a simple style or a more decorative bridge, we have you covered.

Types of Wooden Garden Bridges in Reading

Arch Garden Bridge – This is an arch bridge with two side rails on either side. An arch bridge is good for access over a garden or water feature. It can transform any setting with its presence.

Low Profile Garden Bridge – These have low profile side rails and poles and are perfect for an ornamental look. Whether you want one for pedestrian use or decorative purposes, our solidly built low profile bridges look great in any outdoor space.

Koi Garden Bridge – A Koi bridge is designed for Koi ponds. However, they look stunning in any setting. Built to last, these Koi bridges can also be used for functional use.

Flat Garden Bridge – These flat style garden bridges are an excellent choice for use as crossings for streams, water features or even as a walkway in your garden or outdoor space. Featuring three side rails on each side, these are sturdy, functional bridges.

Colonial Style Bridge – Add a touch of style to your garden with our Colonial style arched bridges. Taking inspiration from the Colonial era, these bridges have curved top rails with carved pillars.

Wooden Garden Bridge Manufacturer in Reading, Berkshire

Custom Wooden Garden Bridge Specialists in Berkshire

We can add any feature or embellishment to your chosen bridge design. Whether you want ornamental poles or intricately crafted rails, we can bring your ideas to life. We can help you choose from our array of designs or we can even work with an image you have.

Simply let us know what you have in mind and we will design, build and install your wooden garden bridge to the highest standard. Your handcrafted wooden furniture can be built using an array of timber species.

Our experts can help you choose the right option to suit your style, taste and requirements.

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