Made-to-Measure Wooden Balcony, Reading

Woods & Langton have in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to building wooden balconies. Customers have praised our skills and we are confident that we can create any custom-made wooden balcony to maximise your property’s potential. 

When you are planning to build a high-quality wooden balcony in Reading, look no further. With a combined experience of over 50 years, Woods & Langton craftsmen can bring your vision to life. Your wooden balcony will be hand-built by our professional joiners, using high-quality timber and proven techniques. 

High-Quality Wooden Balcony, Berkshire

A balcony is a beautiful feature that can enhance the look of your property while helping you to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a delightful feature that can improve the aesthetics and value of your home at the same time. All you need is our skilled joiners, to build the wooden balcony of your dreams for your Reading property. 

At Woods & Langton, we offer a full design and install service. With a wide range of timber options to choose from, we can help you find the perfect match for your home’s architectural design and the outdoor area.

Wooden Balconies in Reading, Berkshire

Why Choose A Wooden Balcony for Your Reading Property?

Timber is a wonderful option to build your balcony. It’s very durable, resilient and looks fantastic. Popular timber options include: 

Wooden balconies have been around for years and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of building a wooden balcony for your home:

Bespoke Wooden Balconies in Reading, Berkshire


  • Wood is a natural material, which makes it a great choice for the outdoors. 
  • No two pieces of timber look the same. Each piece has a different shade or colour, which adds to the aesthetics. 
  • Responsibly sourced timber is more eco-friendly than UPVC. 
  • Wooden balconies can outlast any other type of material when maintained well. 
  • Wood is a natural insulator, which means it can keep your balcony warmer. 
  • There’s no dearth of variety when it comes to choosing the material and finish of your timber balcony. You will be spoilt for choice. 
  • Timber balconies are hard-wearing, robust and visually appealing. 
  • A good wood with a high Janka hardness rating ensures you get an extremely durable and weather-resistant balcony. Quality wood is known to provide excellent dimensional stability. 

What Woods and Langton Can Do for You

At Woods and Langton, we are expert joiners with close to five decades of industry experience. Established in 1971, we are a family-operated joinery and strive to deliver a superior experience to our customers. 

Our balcony designers will work with you to create a design that matches your vision and our joiners will work with you to make your dream balcony a reality. Your custom-made balcony is made-to-measure and built to the highest standards of workmanship and quality. 

We will factory-finish and install your balcony professionally for a seamless fit. 

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